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Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer of the World's first immersive, interactive and immersive cannabis museum

I assisted with the concept to completion of the world’s first immersive, interactive and instagrammable cannabis museum, located in Las Vegas, NV. We reached 4.8 billion media impressions and over 64,000 views on Google in the first 6 months! 

I managed aspects of the build-out, construction and operation of the museum. Ensured effective, streamlined operations during events and daily operation across all departments: Internal office; “The Flex Bar”; admission and street team marketing; exhibits; gift shop; CBD store and maintenance. Interacted with all guests (B to C) and vendors (B to B).

I worked closely with the founder/CEO to create and implement the structure and processes necessary to manage operational activities and projected growth. This involved capacity forecasting, creating pro forma identifying and implementing improvements to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, in order to meet and exceed operational goals.

Engage. Enlighten. Empower!

I created an employee training manual and safety SOP’s to reflect OSHA standards and labor laws and oversaw the selection, hiring, training and onboarding process, as well as coaching to provide employees with tools necessary to deliver exceptional service. I regularly conducted walkthroughs and spot checks to address & identified needs for additional training to promote a unified company vision.

As a startup, I oversaw daily activities, determined priorities, set realistic goals & enhancement programs, set & maintained standards with a hands-on approach.

I managed venue daily, weekly, monthly, specialty event scheduling. I identified potential & real-time problems & developed effective solutions and opportunities for continuous improvement to existing procedures.

I took on any new duties that arose and conducted myself as a role model who embodied cultural values & fostered an open-door environment of respect, trust & integrity. I assisted guests efficiently, graciously & professionally, Used effective feedback tools and resolved customer complaints immediately I monitored & analyzed levels of guest satisfaction to maximize guest return and to constantly improve guest satisfaction.

Created a safe space to foster trust, transparency & a growth mindset throughout the organization.

Practiced an in-depth understanding of all aspects involved in venue management & operations.

​Effectively lead operational excellence with a focus on team member and guest facing department interactions.​Created a safe space to foster trust, transparency & a growth mindset throughout the organization.

Notable Achievement:

Developed and implemented a dynamic guided tour, garnering 5-star reviews and placing museum notoriety into:

  • The top 12 rankings of 430 fun things to do on Trip Advisor

  • 4.8 stars on Google Reviews

  • 4 stars on Yelp

  • Consistent 5-star reviews on Facebook

When your GC says it will cost you $30,000 to prep the floor...Mark COO behind the buffer!! ($24,000 savings!) "Whatever it takes!"

Nuglas Family.jpg

When your managers come up with a great idea to have fun with the leftovers...You encourage that creativity.  Introducing "Nugglas family" most photographed addition by Blaze 

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