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Co-Owner | Vice President of Operations 

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Oliveus LLC - Co-Owner | VP of Operations | Functional Designer
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Co-owner | VP of Operations | Functional Design Casual, urban & community driven, providing the first DJ’d dining experience in Denver.  Healthier Mexican offerings.  Recruited talented General Manager.  Hired a fun hip community of service professionals.  Each guest interaction began with the "Lime Salute"



Co-owner | VP of Operations | Functional Designer.  Lime in the garden level and alley exceeded all expectations and propelled us to open a second neighborhood location.  The physical space was much smaller, hence Lime XS (extra small)

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Co-owner | VP of Operations | Functional Designer.  The success of the local restaurant made Lime sought out property for a new community build out featuring local successful restauranteurs.

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Co-owner | VP of Operations | Functional Designer.  The success of Lime drove the creation of an upscale version of this local favorite hot spot. 


“Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends” – Walt Disney. This is the quote that comes to mind when I think of Mark Strazisar.  Mark is direct, efficient, effective and personable.  It is a rare combination that produces a successful well-oiled machine.

Mark and I worked together on several operations in the Denver area. I was the General Manager of Lime Restaurants he co-owned and directed as VP of operations.  Mark drew reality out of concept, building teams of energized players on every occasion.  His talents include understanding people’s natural skills and placing them in positions that would enhance their own career while serving his business operation.   Mark repeatedly mentored promising candidates leading them by his own example. 

In today’s economy, consumers can find any product they want.  Everyone wants a management team who understands that the difference in the product consumers choose, is the personal connection they feel to the product they have chosen.  This is where Mark really shines. His ability to make personal connections with his teams creates a loyalty that increases production that can actually be seen in the bottom line.  If Mark is back in the market in Denver, I cannot more highly recommend him as a part of your team.  I can guarantee you, I certainly wouldn’t want him working for my competition.

Rani Merryman

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